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Powder Mesh Sizes
Table to convert US and European units of powder particle size (granulometry) – Mesh / Sieve / Microns / mm / inches

Most of our food ingredients are in the range 20-200 Mesh

Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable technical sales colleagues to help guide you to the best grades of powders to suit your products.

MeshSieve DesignationMicrons (μm)mminches Examples
1 in.25.4 mm2540025.4001.0000 
7/8 in.22.6 mm2260022.6000.8750 
3/4 in.19.0 mm1900019.0000.7500 
5/8 in.16.0 mm1600016.0000.6250 
0.530 in.13.5 mm1350013.5000.5300 
1/2 in.12.7 mm1270012.7000.5000 
7/16 in.11.2 mm1120011.2000.4380 
3/8 in.9.51 mm95109.5100.3750 
5/16 in.8.00 mm80008.0000.3120 
0.265 in.6.73 mm67306.7300.2650 
1/4 in.6.35 mm63506.3500.2500 
No.3 1/25.66 mm56605.6600.2230 
No. 44.76 mm47604.7600.1870 
No. 54.00 mm40004.0000.1570 
No. 63.36 mm33603.3600.1320 
No. 72.83 mm28302.8300.1110 
No. 82.38 mm23802.3800.0937 
No. 102.00 mm20002.0000.0787 
No. 121.68 mm16801.6800.0661 
No. 141.41 mm14101.4100.0555 
No. 161.19 mm11901.1900.0469 
No. 181.00 mm10001.0000.0394 
No. 20841μm8410.8410.0331 
No. 25707μm7070.7070.0278 
No. 30595μm5950.5950.0234~ Granulated Sugar
No. 35500μm5000.5000.0197 
No. 40420μm4200.4200.0165 
No. 45354μm3540.3540.0139 
No. 50297μm2970.2970.0117~ Caster Sugar
No. 60250μm2500.2500.0098 
No. 70210μm2100.2100.0083 
No. 80177μm1770.1770.0070 
No. 100149μm1490.1490.0059 
No. 120125μm1250.1250.0049 
No. 140105μm1050.1050.0041 
No. 17088μm880.0880.0035 
No. 20074μm740.0740.0029200 Mesh and finer is normally considered Micronised
No. 23063μm630.0630.0025~ Icing Sugar
No. 27053μm530.0530.0021 
No. 32544μm440.0440.0017 
No. 40037μm370.0370.0015 

Larger sieve openings (1 in. to 1/4 in.) have been designated by a sieve “mesh” size that corresponds to the size of the opening in inches. 
Smaller sieve “mesh” sizes of 3 1/2 to 400 are designated by the number of openings per linear inch in the sieve.
The following convention is used to characterize particle size by mesh designation:
a “+” before the sieve mesh indicates the particles are retained by the sieve;
a “-” before the sieve mesh indicates the particles pass through the sieve;
typically 90% or more of the particles will lie within the indicated range.

For example, if the particle size of a material is described as -4 +40 mesh, then 90% or more of the material will pass through a 4-mesh sieve (particles smaller than 4.76 mm) and be retained by a 40-mesh sieve (particles larger than 0.420 mm).  

If a material is described as -40 mesh, then 90% or more of the material will pass through a 40-mesh sieve (particles smaller than 0.420 mm).

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