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OEM Request Sheet Food Drug

About Product and Customer

Example: Glutathione (Free form) + Collagen + Vitamin C Rosehips + Probiotics
Empress Skin Clinic | Dr. Steven Yoo
Example: I would like you to create a skin whitening with anti aging. It should be more on skin whitening capsules.
Example: https://web.facebook.com/asianwhiteskinchemlab
Example: https://asianwhiteskin.com
Example: I want 1000mg in one capsule. (We can create from 50mg to 1000mg)
Example: Bottle
Example: I want 30 capsules in one bottle.
For Collagen Powder
How many grams?

About Packaging Specifications

For example: I want to have a pure white capsule with logo of my company. (Note: For logo print we have minimum of quantity of 500,000 capsules.)
Example: Please help us with the design. I want my label to be pink and white since my target are 20 to 30s.
Individual Box *
For Medicine Bottle Choice - Would you like to use Shrink Wrap or Sticker lable or Laser Printing to your bottle? *
Note: We only use High Quality bottle - 100% HDPE Bottle. Made in Korea
Please be advise that if we will do the packaging, we can only change the layout 3x

About Formulation

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