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OEM Request Sheet Skin Care

About Product and Customer

Example: Whitening Cream with moisturizing 10g , Sunblock Cream 10g, Whitening Toner contains AHA, BHA and Probiotics 60ml, Whitening Foaming Wash or Liquid Soap using Alpha Arbutin or Niacinamide for skin whitening.
Example: ABC Networking Company or OrganikaSkin
Example: https://web.facebook.com/asianwhiteskinchemlab
Example: https://asianwhiteskin.com
Example: I want to create a rejuvenating set for skin whitening with a mild peeling effect. It must also have moisturizing effect.
Note: There are basically two MOQs:
A. MOQ of the plastic recipients: For printed PB recipients, ideal amount is 5,000 units (lower cost) and minimum amount is 1,000 units (at higher cost per unit)
B. MOQ of the cream: Cream is mixed in a 200kg tank. Hence, the ideal amount is 180-200kg (lower cost) and minimum amount is 50kg (higher cost). Other amounts are possible in 50kg units (50kg / 100kg / 150kg / 200kg). However, we accept them only as trial orders. After trial, orders must be of 200kg onwards.
C. Tell us your quantity.

About Packaging Specifications

Note: Between 10g and 60ml
For example: I want you to use a standard pink and white plastic bottle and jars for my rejuvenating set.
Example: I want my packaging to be in a Sticker Label type.
Individual Box *
Example: I want my rejuvenating to be in the box or give me an idea for your boxes design.
Please be informed that if we will do your design label. We will be asking the colors to be use and a sample of artwork that you like. Once we present the first layout - you still have 2x to change any of the layout. Please be inform that layout would take at least 7-10days.
Please be advise that if we will do the packaging, we can only change the layout 3x

About Formulation

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